2017 Food Trends: Mid-Year Review

We’re almost half way through the year, and while there are plenty of products you hear me mention in posts and foods I recommend on a regular basis, what happened to the 2017 food trends I discussed in January on NBC? Did the predictions hold true? Are there other trends on the horizon for late spring and early summer?

January Predictions and Updates


Dessert for Breakfast

I haven’t continued to see much on this. What I did see an article about last week though is how it’s become popular to eat a second breakfast. Whether or not people are actually eating a second breakfast depends on how you define it! As Lauren Harris-Pincus covered in her great talk at Today’s Dietitian Symposium on the subject, there’s no true answer as to what breakfast is. It can be as little as one food group eaten within a few hours of waking. If that is the case, any morning exercisers should be having two breakfasts! If you aren’t a morning exerciser and you’re just having a piece of fruit or toast solo, well you need to eat again anyway! You’ll eliminate the need for a second breakfast in that case if you just eat one that is more balanced with more protein.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Yup. People are still going crazy for it and while I thought I had plenty of questions in the past, prompting this post on apple cider vinegar benefits for the NAC, I have never been asked more about “ACV” from students, clients and in my “Ask Kelly” videos than the past 4-5 months! Will it hurt you when mixed with water in small amounts? No. Will it independently make you lose weight? Also NO! Check out the video and blog post for more.


These are still trendy but in a more subtle way, which I think is a good thing. I still use maca root powder regularly, and do love the taste of my holy basil tea, but certain adaptogens just don’t fit into a normal diet lifestyle for me so I have no need to use them as supplements. I do believe some of these may be helpful for certain individuals with specific medical conditions. In those cases, please consult your physician, a naturopathic physician, or a specialist in functional and integrative medicine. Remember that supplements are not well regulated so you never know what you’re getting when you order those ginseng pills online!

Plant Based Diets

Thankfully this is still hot right now and I hope it is for years to come! I continue to see more vegan and vegetarian options not only here in Philly and when I am in New York, but also when I have traveled to Houston, Charlotte, and even Italy this year (yes, I know veggies are a staple in Italia, but parm and prosciutto are, too!). Pret a Manger, a major quick service chain in New York City, added a massive vegan and vegetarian menu in it’s locations in just the past month. Bryn and Dane’s, a real-food “fast food” establishment here in Bucks County that serves mainly vegetarian options, also announced this year that they’ll be opening 100 locations nationwide. We’re getting a True Food Kitchen in King of Prussia, too. Keep it coming!
Hopefully eating more vegetables, legumes and plant-based proteins isn’t a trend at all but a staple for our diets in the future. Research shows eating more plants and less animal products to be associated with a reduced risk of all forms of chronic illness including heart disease, cancer, diabetes, dementia and more. Is it from eating less meat or just from eating more antioxidants? As I mentioned on air in January, you don’t have to become a vegan to benefit. Just try a Meatless Monday to start!
Reducing Food Waste / Eating Ugly Product
Companies like Imperfect Produce are growing and The Recipe Redux April theme was recipes to reduce food waste at home. Let’s keep doing our part to save the planet! And if you’re somehow not into that, please at least stop wasting food so you stop wasting $$$!

Other Trends

Veggie Noodles

I’ve posted some recipes where I’ve made my own zoodles, but why stop there? You can spiralize potatoes, carrots, beets and more and bulk up your veggie intake. Brands like Hungry Root and the Veggie Noodle Co. make it easy if you’re not into making the noodles on your own.


Thank gosh! While I still have to reassure people here and there, for the most part, America is finally embracing the whole egg with that delicious and nutrient dense yolk! Trending right now (and really for much of my adult life)… just throw an egg on it! Any meal, any snack, any time, eggs are an eggcellent way to boost protein intake as well as vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

Probiotics and Fermented Foods

Every conference I attend has another fascinating presentation on the gut microbiome and research on how it influences everything from our immunity to our mood, and maybe even blood sugar responses. Probiotic supplements aren’t what we want trending here (unless you have a medical need). Eating more pre-biotic fibers – think bananas, artichoke, beans – and fermented foods naturally containing probiotics will support your gut. If you walk into any health food store or new age restaurant, you’ll see fermented and pickled options that make following this healthy trend easy. We’re not only talking sauer kraut here. Tim just got probiotic olives at Organnons last week!

Bean Pasta

I actually covered these pastas back when I attended Expo East last fall, but I am psyched about this one due to my rant on plant-based above. The bean pasta market is booming since then. I have an overwhelming number of clients that have embraced and love these pastas and they’ve become a plant-based protein staple in their households. Just yesterday my friend sent a video of her toddler enjoying the Explore Cuisine black bean variety.

Trends I Didn’t See Coming

Edible cookie dough.
How did I not see this coming? I LOVE raw cookie dough (except in ice cream). Food safety doesn’t need to be a problem anymore with pasteurized egg companies and easy vegan recipes. Not only can you make your own, but Eat Pastry is a vegan cookie dough company that I’ve pretty much only seen pictures of on Instagram in raw form, not cooked. I have yet to make it there, but Cookie DO, a cookie dough shop in NYC opened very early this year, too and constantly has lines out the door and down the block. Heather and I even chatted about it on her podcast (episode 4 😉 )and my best friend had to skip it when she arrived and saw how long the line was on her trip to NYC. I’ll get there soon and in the meantime I have a chickpea cookie recipe coming to the blog in a few weeks!
Organic Sports Drinks
Gatorade has gone organic! While I don’t necessarily think they needed the organic seal and believe a product free of artificial flavor and color would have done the trick, it was a smart marketing move on their part to appeal to the masses. I really respect Gatorade as a leader in valid and purposeful sports nutrition research and am happy that the perfect carbohydrate and fluid solution is now available without the additives.

This past week, New Orleans cuisine was trending in my diet as I was in Nola for the Today’s Dietitian Symposium. Stay tuned next week for two travel recaps. One on Nola after I finally get my Florence recap up for you all!

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