February 4, 2024

Packaged Performance Snack Guide

Our comprehensive packaged performance snack guide showcases our favorite bars, sports fueling products, and packaged items rich in energizing carbs, protein, and nutrients. We showcase when various bars are most appropriate and highlight our most commonly recommended fueling options for during training and competition. We also leave you with recs for crunchy snacks, ready-to-drink shakes, protein powder, jerky brands and...
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Mix and Match Meal Guide and Prep Planning

For weeks and days when there’s no time to cook an elaborate recipe, but you still want a high quality performance meal on the table or in your lunch bag, KJN’s Mix and Match Meal Guide sheet will be your favorite tool for a practical active family or athlete meal plan. Print and keep on your fridge for when you’re...

Hunger and Performance Food Log

Log your food in a way that builds food confidence and body trust. This hunger and performance food log is key to self-evaluating your patterns.