Hunger and Performance Log

It’s time to ditch the obsessive food tracking. Make the decision to monitor your diet and training in a way that builds both food confidence and body trust. This hunger and performance log helps you self-evaluate your eating patterns and how they impact your fitness, mental health and relationships, so you can better understand necessary habit changes.

hunger and performance log

Not everyone has the time and resources to benefit from 1-1 nutrition coaching, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t tools to improve awareness of how your eating patterns impact performance and every other area of wellness. This is the exact guide Kelly Jones Nutrition clients receive in their 1-1 programs.

This hunger log for athletes educates you on a better understanding of hunger and appetite, dives into all forms of hunger and the nuances for fitness and performance to consider, plus covers all of the physical feelings of hunger you may not be aware of. Then, it helps you utilize your new knowledge as you evaluate your hunger and fullness with KJN’s hunger scale. All of these tools come together so you can begin your food, fitness, hunger and symptom log. After several days, you can reflect on your food decisions to better understand how they’re impacting your training, mood, and relationships later.

Ultimately, when you utilize the hunger and performance log along with some basic sports nutrition education, you’ll be building new habits and intuitively fueling your body and mind for optimal performance.