Expo East 2016 Review

Wow does this trade show have a lot to see! I could only make it for one day this year, and sadly didn’t have time for any of the educational sessions, but that day went by in the blink of an eye! There were so many new products on the floor (and many I’d seen last year) that I’m excited to recommend to clients, use myself, and keep my eyes opened for in local stores. As you can see below, I ended up able to bring plenty of products home… maybe too many!

I made it to the convention center right when the hot products expo was opening and bee-lined over to that area since the main floor wasn’t opening until 10. I thought it would be a quick stop but, all areas of the Baltimore Convention Center were packed with vendors. While I wasn’t speaking to the owners or employees of the companies, or other dietitians, I felt like I was running through the building past the other vendors!
So, before I cover many of those products and vendors, let’s discuss what is trending…. PLANTS! While jackfruit, veggie burgers, and nut cheeses are so hot right now, what I think is hottest is the ingredients! We aren’t looking at long ingredient lists with crazy unpronounceable words and things you wouldn’t eat as single ingredients. The Good Seed burgers below, for example, were my favorite veggie burger on the floor and made out of seeds, whole grains and more real food! Kite Hill Cheese pictured below is made of almonds, enzymes, fibers and culture. Even better, Miyoko’s, shown later in this post, is made with ingredients such as cashews, coconut oil, nutritional yeast and cultures.
Within the plant revolution are more trends: beans, beans, beans, seeds, and pea protein!

I am not here to tell everyone that they have to be vegetarians or dairy-free. What is evident though, is that even omnivores are choosing many more vegetarian meals. No matter if you decide to be a vegan or you choose beans over beef more often than you are now, you are benefiting your health and the planet!

Below, Farmhouse Culture ginger beet shots are great for your gut or, post-workout as an athlete! Ginger has anti-inflammatory benefits and the natural nitrates in beets help dilate blood vessels to deliver nutrients and oxygen to the muscles for recovery more quickly.

These products below were one of my favorites on the expo floor. At the same time, I was left wondering, “why didn’t I think of this?”. Who doesn’t want warm spiced pillows of hummus?! Delicious and filled with natural protein, fiber and flavor.

If you’ve taken my sports nutrition course or are an athlete I’ve worked with or spoken to, you’ve heard me recommend coconut water but should remember I told you to add a dash of salt to an 8 ounce bottle. Well, Nooma’s creators heard me from a far and they did it for you! Excited for this brand who designed the drink to have the perfect pH as well as a great electrolyte balance for hydrating during exercise or rehydrating after. Nice job, guys! The packaging is pretty cool, too.

I got to stop by and finally meet Pure Genius IRL after many email communications and trying their brownies and blondies made of BEANS! That middle row is a new variety – cinnamon cookie crumble (or something lik that). I described it to them as a coffee cake type of texture which was what they were looking for! I am really hoping they hit stores and their online store soon. Stay tuned on my blog for more Pure Genius soon!

Well these balls look familiar ????. I have plenty of energy bar and bite recipes but, for when you’re feeling lazy and need a good pre-workout snack, Ello-raw has you covered. Cacao brownie was my fave but I brought home a bag of cinnamon sugar donut flavor too. REAL ingredients – I promise!!
Boy, did I taste some kombucha! While I love love love the ginger varieties from Master Brew and Buchi, this company, Aqua ViTea, grabbed my attention because they use fair trade teas. Good work buddies!
Remember two mom’s in the raw? Great concept that didn’t catch on enough, I think. Well they noticed that and rebranded as soul-sprout with more bars and super attractive packaging! These almond cayenne cacao truffles were to die for but they have sprouted granola bars too. Just saw multi-packs in Whole Foods Princeton this past weekend!

These were some delicious veggies burgers! The original recipe is vegan but they do have a couple of varieties with a bit of egg as a binder. Overall, another veggie burger win with real ingredients and actual protein. 
Barney Butter has packs now available to aid in your portion control and to pack in your kids lunchboxes. Also great for athletes to carry around campus and pair with fruit! Did you know Barney butter’s almond butter is processed in a peanut free facility?

Do you see below? This is vegan cheese. I actually was able to have a mini grilled cheese with Miyoko’s at Expo East. And it was awesome!
On top of Kombucha, flavored seltzers were prevalent. I paid attention to the real ones! In addition to Cascade pictured above, I fell more in love with Spindrift. Both are made with real fruit flavor, not just “natural flavor”… whatever that is. This Spindrift flavor is only 1 Calorie per can but, since Expo I found the grapefruit at Target and it is still only 15 Calories per can.

I can’t not share the sweets, too. Simple Mills, a gluten free, organic baking company, was sampling their new lower sugar frosting. They do contain Monk Fruit extract to keep the sweetness without the Calories but with it being organic, I trust the processing more than other brands or varieties of the sweetener. Plus, you should only be having sugar in moderation anyway!

Nothing new or innovative but I was excited to see La Colombe there and chat with them about how awesome the Fishtown location is. Chatted about it on my Instagram story as you can see below.

Finally, Enlightened broad bean crisps. I have a love for roasted chickpeas whether homemade or Biena Habanero but, these broad bean crisps really spoke to me. The garlic specifically. They have less fat and calories per serving than chickpeas, too. You’ll be seeing more from Enlightened on the blog soon!

And, supplying the cutest swag I brought home, from the new company whose name I love the most, with a great concept, Feel Good Dough! I rocked their cute apron while food prepping a couple of weekends ago and will be keeping my eye out for their products in local stores!

No pictures, but worth mentioning:
Momme Meals Snacks – Great pre-workout snacks or, during workout snacks for triathletes.
Sunshine Burgers – A touch high in fat but absolutely delicious with a meaty texture and so much flavor.
Manitoba Harvest – I’ve been raving about their hemp seeds for years but, they have new smoothie powders and flavored hemp seed “toppers” now too!
Bare snacks – Their coconut coffee bean chips were indescribable. When I had the sample of the banana chips I had to double check the ingredient list to ensure it was only banana!
Color Garden Food Coloring – They’ve removed the caramel color. Load up before the holidays!
Maria and Ricardo’s Sprouted Organic Tortillas – They’ve got the texture you’re looking for, even if it comes with a touch of guar gum (fiber).

Have you tried any of these products before? What do you think? What do you most want to try?


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  1. I keep wanting to go to Expo East and can never make it! Sounds like you found some awesome brands and products there. I love Pure Genius too and I’ve also been dying to try that dough. Figures, I’m leaning toward the dessert things. 🙂

    1. If the dessert is “all natural” that makes it healthy, right? ???? If you ever get to go, get he superpass so you can attend educational sessions too! I didn’t have time this year but it’s cool to see what’s going on in the food industry

    1. It’s a great opportunity communications-wise for RD’s! They do have it in Philly area in several stores and I think are slowly rolling into Whole Foods so keep an eye out 🙂