fitness nutrition course

No calorie, macro or point counting.
No supplements or shakes.

Enhance Your Energy Levels

Feel ready to tackle your training program and whatever is thrown your way, whether it’s parenting, a hectic work schedule, or life’s unexpected twists.

nutrition for runners

Reach Your Fitness Goals

Run your first 5 k or half marathon, set a PR, see your strength and endurance improve, all without giving up your favorite foods.

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Optimize Your Health

Health comes from the inside out and is both physical and mental*. You’ll learn how to build healthy behaviors that last a lifetime.

fitness nutrition online course

You’ll get 8 weeks worth of education and support for less than half of the cost of an initial 1-1 nutrition appointment with Kelly or Laura. Since the program is self-paced, you can also take longer to work through each week’s topic til you feel confident and comfortable moving on to building new habits. Plus, you’ll get bonus content on fueling during workouts and lifetime access to the content. That means future updates are yours, free! Contact us to learn about our BIPOC discount.

You’ll get 8 weeks of education, pre- and post- program assessments and guided behavior change for less than the cost of an initial 1-1 nutrition coaching session!

Plus, if you’re looking for more support, you can add on an initial 1-1
session plus two follow-ups during the 8 week period at a discount.

*Disclaimer: Fitness Nutrition Foundations is not meant to replace individualized medical nutrition therapy. Always seek the advice of a specialist physician and registered dietitian (RD) who can evaluate your detailed medical, diet, and fitness history, as well as lab values, to provide personalized diagnoses and treatment recommendations. Additionally, if you suspect you may be on the eating disorder spectrum, please alternatively consider working 1-1 with a dietitian and therapist while working through Fit Fueling as an alternative program. We are happy to speak with you to work 1-1 or help find the dietitian best for you.