Healthy Stocking Stuffers and Last Minute Gifts


Non-Candy Stocking Stuffers and Healthy Holiday Gift Ideas

While I do like a good piece of dark chocolate, I definitely don’t need a stocking full of candy on Christmas morning. By that morning, I’ve had a good month of holiday parties in and out of work encouraging excessive sugar consumption via cookies, cakes, candy, candy canes, candy corn… now I am just quoting “Elf”, but you know what I mean! Come New Year’s Day, if I give in to all of this (as I did in my teens and through college) my body feels awfully tired and bloated and is craving vegetables as if I haven’t had them in a year. So, having said that, when you think the best way to show love is through giving baked goods, truffles, or just Reese’s Christmas Trees, remember there are gifts to give that last a lot longer, and are a lot better for you too!
In terms of other healthy holiday gifts, we do need to be careful. I am all about giving gifts that support fitness, fun, and healthy cooking, but we need to be sure those gifts have no chance of offending someone. It may seem obvious, but here is a list of things I don’t recommend giving unless the person specifically asked for them: gym memberships, FitBit/JawBone/calorie tracking systems, workout DVD’s, or gift certificates to fitness classes they may not enjoy. Even if a loved one is trying to be healthier, you never know psychologically how a gift like that may make them feel.
Stocking Stuffer Ideas
Toss & Chop Salad Scissors
Herb Cutting Scissors Love mine for herbs like cilantro but not so great for larger herbs like basil
Tubby Olive Mini Set: State St. Newtown, PA & Reading Terminal in Philly
25 Fitness Stocking Stuffers for $25 or less via Be Well Philly
Citrus Spritzer Great for salads
Smart Wool brand running socks I can’t run outside in the winter without them!
Burt’s Bees Lip Balm or Cuticle Cream Because no amount of water or omega-3’s can keep lips and hands from being chapped in the dry winter
Eco Tools Makeup Brushes and Bath Tools: Eco-friendly skin & body care, available at target!
Justin’s Nut Butter Squeeze Packs Great for travel or your lunchbox; found in most grocery stores, target, etc.
Handheld Spiralizer Turn carrots, zucchini, eggplant, and more into pasta!
Have to have that candy?
Choose a Fair Trade chocolate brand. Fair Trade certified products ensure the cocoa and sugar your candy comes from was farmed and harvested by workers who are in a safe working environment, paid a fair wage, and have food available in their community despite growing luxury cash crops for us. In the season of giving, spend a little extra to support those struggling to make ends meet in other countries!
Tubby Olive
Get delicious and naturally infused olive oils and vinegars right here on State Street in Newtown. If you mention getting their newsletter, you get 15% off on Wednesday’s this month! I highly recommend the Tuscan Herb Olive Oil and Lavendar Balsamic.
Yoga Mat
-Like this USA made, chemical free, natural rubber one by Jade brand
Teavanna Tea Infuser and Specialty Tea
Now in most malls!
Bento Style Eco Lunch Box
Slow Cooker
BJ’s and Costco have double crockpots at a good price now
Yonana’s “Ice Cream” Maker
-Use that Bed Bath & Beyond coupon and transform fruit into ice cream at home!
Polar Brand Heart Rate Monitor
-Great for a runner, cyclist or triathlete; great savings at
SodaStream brand Seltzer Kit
Perfect for someone trying to stop drinking soda; many people just love the carbonation!
The Dream Pad Pillow
I can’t confirm its claims to help you let go of stress and sleep better yet, but I may be adding it to my Christmas list right now
A high quality blender
Like vitamix, ninja, etc.
A Foam Roller or “The Stick”
Athlete or not, I promise these will help with muscle stiffness anywhere on your body!
At home canning system
I hope everyone has a happy and healthy holiday!

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