10 Reasons You'll Love Sprouts

If you live in or around Philadelphia, your grocery shopping experience is about to get a promotion! I absolutely love grocery shopping – I could spend hours in almost any store (though Tim makes sure I don’t if he’s there for the ride), and often do, so I encourage you to trust me as a grocery expert ;). Whether you’re a foodie, a fitness fanatic, or just eat because it’s an essential part of life, you’re bound to fall in love with Sprouts! I’m here to tell you why with Sprouts, it’s love at first sight and get one lucky reader acquainted with a $25 gift card. Mark your calendars – they’re opening at the up and coming Lincoln Square in less than 3 weeks on Wednesday, September 19. Woo!

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While I had been to a couple of Sprouts locations (once in the Dallas area and once in LA), they were quick vacation trips and I didn’t get the full experience. Luckily, this past June I had the opportunity to travel to Sprouts headquarters in Scottsdale where I learned the ins and outs about of the stores themselves and the company as a whole. On this “Plant Based Getaway” I learned about the store, suppliers, and company values, so I’m sharing them with you here! Read through to the end for details on entering the giveaway.
reasons to love sprouts

  1. Quality produce is the focus.

    Don’t worry, you’ll still find everything else on your grocery list. But, Sprouts started as a farmers market and hasn’t lost the drive to make a variety of fresh, local, organic produce available to you at amazing prices. When you walk in, you’ll find that fruits and veggies make up the center of the store, which not only helps you prioritize it, but allows for a bright and open shopping experience. In Philly, the center of the store will be a bit longer vs. wide, since in true Philadelphia fashion, Sprouts will be in a historic building.Be careful, though, because with how amazing the deals are, your eyes may be bigger than your refrigerator. On our first day I spotted strawberries for 88 cents a lb and at another store was shocked by the 97 cents a lb cherries. Sprouts has some strong produce standards, too. For example, they work with distributors that source hand picked blueberries versus machine picked so they are less bruised and will last longer. They also partner with brands like Melissa’s Produce who are on top of produce trends and help make obscure fruits and veggies available (like dragonfruit!).
  2. The prices and sales can’t be beat.

    Everyday prices are competitive
    for all of the items, not just fruits and veggies. One thing I remember hearing on this trip was that we shouldn’t ask why Sprouts prices are so great, but we should ask why their competitors prices aren’t. Sprouts wants healthy living to be attainable for everyone who walks in the door, whether that means just eating more fruits and vegetables, incorporating more plant based products, or selecting sustainable meats. On top of the everyday prices being so competitive, we will get Double the Sales on Wednesdays. While I have not experienced it yet, I heard the term “Double Ad Wednesday” multiple times per day from others on the trip while I was in Scottsdale. This means that each Wednesday they honor last week’s sales plus the sales of the coming week. Read: shop on Wednesday and save lots of cash!!

    Sprouts App Coupons
    are another way to save even more. Sometimes, you’ll see an amazing sale in the ad, and then on top of that, there will be a coupon in the app. And we’re not just talking produce and Sprouts brand, but some of your favorite brands often found at high prices at other stores.
  3. Sprouts private label products are amazing.

    Let me tell you about some of these goodies – they take it way further than Trader Joe’s, in my opinion, to deliver amazing store brand items. Take it from the lady who has always hated peanut butter and jelly, but fell in love with the new PBJ snack bites.

    And if their private label doesn’t make it, they have the brands that do. I’m also someone who has never liked the taste of sausage or smokey flavors, but have a new found love for soy chorizo after a mystery box challenge on the trip. Myself and Ashley from Plant Prowess were challenged to create a sandwich with items in a box (think Chopped on Food Network), plus a variety of other fresh and packaged products. I fell in love with this soy chorizo sandwich with an almond spread, actual sprouts, avocado, and spinach on sprouted grain bread. They take the plant based meat, cheese and ice cream sections to a whole new level!

    Their private label items also include household and body care items. I’ve been loving their natural hand soap and their cleansing face wipes – an important standard for me that they adhere to is 100% cruelty free household items!
  4. The bulk section is a dream.Your bulk finds won’t be limited to whole grains, nuts and seeds, but also treats like gummy bears, so you can balance a nutrient dense diet with the fun stuff, too! My favorite part of the bulk section that is confirmed to make an appearance in the Philly store? A bottle your own honey station! Perfect for the September opening since next month is National Honey Month.
  5. They’re a one stop shop for fitness nutrition.

    How comforting is it to know you don’t have to go to the grocery store for your food, the running specialty store for your energy gels and then order your high quality protein powder online? Myself and Toni, from Plant Based on a Budget, were tasked to create a gift basket for a Fitness Fanatic and I found anything I would have presented at a sports nutrition seminar from bananas and pineapple, to energy blocks, to protein, to coconut water and tart cherry juice. Plus, we picked up some soy yogurt {since this was a plant-based getaway} as a real-food post workout protein source over always relying on powders and bars. We even were able to toss in some natural sunscreen for those outdoor endurance athletes!
    While I am not a huge advocate for supplements {#foodfirst!}, they do have a place in some individual’s diets, especially that of a vegan athlete. B12 for example is a necessary addition in those individuals, but nutrients like iron are important for any female athlete to get a bit more of, too. The supplement section at Sprouts is filled with plenty of high quality brands with food-based nutrients that you can trust won’t contain extra “stuff” and will be gentle on your gut.
  6. Their sustainability initiatives go past the food they sell.
    While it’s super important to me that the foot print my diet leaves on this earth is mild, our purchases aren’t just about how far our food traveled, the amount of packaging it’s in, or whether it’s organic or not. They reduce energy usage in stores with their open refrigerator covers or closed refrigeration systems as well as their skylights that reduce the amount of electrical lighting that needs to be used at certain times of day. They are selective with the ingredients in Sprouts private label, where ingredients like Palm oil will only find their way into products if it’s sustainably sourced.
    Sprouts also has a “zero food waste” commitment when it comes to what enters their stores. Groceries that are no longer fit to be sold, but are still edible are donated to local food relief agencies, such as Philabundance in Philly! If the food is no longer fit for a hunger relief agency, it then becomes cattle feed. This both improves the diets for many cattle (and therefore your diet if you eat beef) as well as reduces cattle’s carbon foot print. Finally, if the food isn’t fit for the cattle either, it becomes compost that is donated to local farms, too! You can read more about their carbon reduction and green technology on the website.
  7. They’re on top of food trends.

    I may attend several specialty food shows each year and cover natural food trends on TV, but with Sprouts coming to town, I can probably stay on top of what’s new and innovative just by heading to the grocery store and browsing their website. I’m not kidding – I found GTs brand’s new coconut kefir and yogurt while on this trip before seeing it as the brand’s feature product at the Fancy Food Show in NYC the following week.

    Sprouts also present their brands and products in a fun “Staple, Trending, Unique” format. It’s something you can find right on their website, where they give you more details about foods and products while highlighting health benefits and uses. We were able to explore more on the trip, too, sampling Ripple pea protein milk, Live drinking vinegars, and mushroom hot cocoa among other items. Can you guess what categories those fit?
  8. You can trust their skincare and makeup.
    Skip the makeup store or counter at the department store. As mentioned above, Sprouts private label face and body care products are natural, but they carry many other brands with high standards at affordable prices. Mineral Fusion and Andalou Naturals are two brands I actually used before this trip, but the presentations by them made me feel even better about my decisions to purchase their makeup and skincare (plus, I got to try out the Mineral Fusion waterproof mascara and am in love!). Most people don’t consider how their shampoo, hand lotion or makeup impacts the environment, animals or their own personal health, but the effects can be profound after a lifetime of purchases.
  9. They care about our community.This is evident in how they aid those in the greater Philadelphia region of lower socio-economic status with poor access to nourishing food as well as in how they treat their employees.Sprouts has donated over $5 million to health and wellness related causes and Philadelphia is already a part of that. Their Healthy Communities Foundation works with Impact Partners to promote lasting change in communities while also providing local non-profits with neighborhood grants. Last month, they already hosted a volunteer day with Urbanstead and are planning a large donation to a local charity closer to the store opening to get their work started here. At a trip to the Botanical Gardens, we learned all about the programs already in place and then put together bags of food that were distributed to kids in need through a local summer school program.

    As I mentioned, their care for the community translates to their employees, too. Everyone I met seemed so happy to be working for Sprouts and hearing their COO Dan Sanders (a veteran and NYT best selling author) speak opened our eyes to why that is! The company is all about inclusivity and Dan believes the purpose of a business is first to fill a need, not make a profit. Sprouts spends a lot of time and energy on training their current employees on leadership and character competencies so they have the opportunity to advance within the company. Last year, they promoted 23% of their work force, and they post an 88% employee retention. They’re also working on rate of pay improvements, especially in places like the Bay Area where financial gaps are much larger than other parts of the country.
  10. Sprouts provides affordable nourishing foods while still promoting flexibility.sprouts healthy livingSeriously, this is an anti-diet dietitians dream! As already mentioned, there are gummy bears in the bulk section. And they’re not naturally flavored and sweetened with dates. We live in an all or nothing world, but Sprouts just wants to meet people where they are. That means providing someone who just started eating more veggies with produce at an affordable price, providing the widest selection of plant-based products I’ve ever seen to someone who’s decided to eat less meat, and producing delicious private label treats for someone who’s been dealing with disordered eating.It also means helping people navigate the stores where the aisles of packaged foods are on the outside of the produce, and letting you taste a product you’ve never tried before without buying it (yes, this includes packaged products – not just bulk). I’m so happy and excited for Sprouts to enter our community and empower everyone to take steps to finding their most healthy self!

Giftcard Giveaway!

My friends at Sprouts can’t wait to get to know you,
so they’re sending a $25 gift card to one lucky winner.

To enter: you must reside in Philadelphia or surrounding counties and post a comment detailing which of the 10 reasons to love Sprouts most resonated with you and why. Entries will be accepted through 11:59 PM eastern time on September 7, 2018! Good luck!

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  1. Hi Kelly! I love the prices! It can be hard at times to find healthy, wholesome food while being thrifty. Double Ad Wednesday and the Sprouts App Coupon sound amazing. I am really looking forward to the opening.

  2. I didn’t know they were coming and didn’t know much about them. This is exciting! I love grocery shopping as well and like visiting new stores. The reason that resonated most with me was that they stay on top of food trends. I always like looking at new things and trying new things. And I love a store with variety. This is great!

  3. I like that Sprouts is committed to their employees as well as the community. It is terrific that they promote from within resulting in an 88% retention rate, and that they donate much needed surplus food to the community. We need more companies that understand that the employees and customers are the heart of their business. I can’t wait to explore the store!

    1. Learning all of this really sealed the deal with me loving the company! I also learned about the great benefits they provide employees too, and their farmers market education programs in some cities.

  4. I can’t decide between how much they care for the community and their sustainability efforts. So many people think buying healthy, whole foods is too expensive. Especially in Philly with many people at the bottom of the socioeconomic latter. I’m excited to be able to spend less on the foods I love, but I can’t imagine how many people will be excited to finally be able to afford them. I also love that they are showing that it is possible for companies to incorporate sustainability into the business. (the honey station is obvi #3 fav).

  5. I love Sprouts! I wish there were one closer to me–Philly is a little less than 1.5 hours away so if I go visit at some point, I may stop by! 😛 I love that they have so many sustainability initiatives!

  6. Does sprouts have breads and wraps that are wheat free? If so what brands or labels should I look for?
    Thank you for any information you can give me.

    1. Big selection for bread! I like little northern bake house, but canyon, Schar and Rudi’s brand are options too. Food for life has good corn tortillas and you can try la tortilla factory or in certain stores siete tortillas as well.

  7. Thank you for your information about palm oil which allows me to enjoy more tastes ethically produced. I’m bookmarking your page for future reference!