Summer Party Special: Dietitian Recipe Roundup

Yes, I know it’s not summer yet, but with exactly four Monday’s until Memorial Day {the real start of summer} and the heat really arriving this past weekend (it hit 80 on NFL draft day and was 90 when I was in Arlington Saturday!) everyone is ready to grill. I’ve had several clients asking for tips to healthfully enjoy their time outside socializing with a grilled meal and I figured all of my readers could benefit, too.
20+ recipes
Most people recognize grilling can be a very healthful way to prepare a meal, but it’s often the appetizers, drinks and toppings that mindlessly pile up making us feel a little heavy and uncomfortable later. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good summer drink and I typically don’t skip the bun on my {bean} burger, but part of enjoying food is respecting how much our body needs and how the food makes us feel later.
With that in mind, I’ve collected a great roundup of recipes and tips from fellow dietitians so that your summer grilling and frequent outdoor socializing can work with your body’s nutrient needs as well as your health and fitness goals!

Veggies and Apps

Check out this grilled veggie salad with zucchini salsa verde. I know what I’ll be doing with the abundance of zucchini this summer thanks to Katie Cavuto, a chef and dietitian also in in Philadelphia, of Nourish. Breathe. Thrive.
katie grilled veggies
Danielle Cushing dietitian at The Every Kitchen has a great recipe for Smoked Salmon Salad BitesSmoked Salmon Salad Bites. Get some protein in with your appetizers to better regulate appetite later!
Pick cherry tomatoes from your garden or pick them up up from the farmer’s market for Jenny Shea Rawn’s Creamy Burrata with Pesto and Tomato for an fresh Italian app.
My friend and registered dietitian Cara Harbstreet of Street Smart Nutrition wants you to be sure you don’t cut your veggies to small so that they’re saved from falling through the grill grates! Get a good char on them for that grill flavor you want, and whip up an easy honey mustard vinaigrette. See how she does it here.
You can never go wrong with veggie kabobs, but peppers and onions get boring. Check out the Rainbow Kabobs from Emily Kyle, RD at Emily Kyle Nutrition to increase variety and antioxidant intake!
My Zucchini Rollatini is a fun use of hummus and greens that can be prepped in under 10 minutes!

Dips and Spreads

Regular ole’ hummus can get boring fast, so try these easy recipes to amp up excitement from the store-bought versions!
Katie Pfeffer-Scanlan of One Hungry Bunny has a delicious looking Spring Pea Guacamole. You’ll increase the fiber, protein and satiety factor in this crowd pleasing dip!
spring pea guac
Keeping with the delicious pea theme, Jessica Fishman Levinson at Nutritioulicious has a great Mint Pea Dip for you to try!
mint pea dip
I love to use bean chips that are higher in fiber and protein, so why not add beans to your salsa for the same reason? The fiber and protein help you feel full and in turn can regulate your appetite once it comes times for the main course. Check out this super simple Black Bean Mango Salsa recipe from Shannon at Lone Star Nutrition!
mango salsa
Smokey Eggplant Olive Dip from Sharon Palmer, the Plant Powered Dietitian
Beet Hummus dip from Katie Morford of Mom’s Kitchen Handbook
My Habanero Rosemary Hummus on Eat Real Live Well.
Grilled pizzas are a summer necessity. This Grilled Hemp Pesto Peach Flatbread from Kara Lydon, The Foodie Dietitian lightens the starch up and adds energy and fiber from the peaches and flavor in the hemp seed pesto.
Taco night on the grill? Sign me up!! These Chipotle Lime Shrimp Tacos from Julie Harrington at RDelicious Kitchen Perfect for Cinco de Mayo this coming weekend, too!
shrimp tacos
There’s no reason you can’t take the Asian stir fry flavors outside! Amanda Hernandez of Nutritionist Reviews has a great Grilled Sesame Asian Shrimp and Vegetable Dish.
Try Registered Dietitian Erica Julson’s Grilled Chicken and Vegetables with Pesto
If the grills on, you might as well make the most of it. Throw on some extra chicken and use it in these leftover recipes from Meri Raffetto of Real Living Nutrition.

Fruity Desserts

Fruit salad gets boring. Since you already have the grill fired up, why not throw the fruit on it!
Brittany Poulson of Your Choice Nutrition has a great Grilled Apricot and Honey Whipped Cream recipe. It sounds great since the grill brings out the sugars and gives you a nice caramelization. Sounds much more like dessert than a fruit bowl!
I also recommend you try dietitian and media expert Amy Gorin’s Balsamic Grilled Peaches.
Need more of a treat? Try my berry cupcakes. They may have some {homemade} frosting on top, but since they’re made with garbanzo flour and just a touch of maple syrup, you’re getting enough fiber and some protein to lessen blood sugar spikes.

Extra Tips and Tricks

Jessica Fishman Levinson, MS, RD, CDN of Nutritioulicious has 12 Delicious Tips for Your Summer Barbecue.
Open up the summer and close it with the same easy healthy recipes. These No Labor Recipes from dietitian Tawnie Kroll at Kroll’s Korner may have been intended for Labor Day, but I’m up for using them all summer long!
If you’re into food prepping while you’re making a weekend dinner, try my tips in this Food Prep on the Grill post.

What’s your favorite summer recipe or tips? Share below!


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  1. So excited for summer parties! Great recipes here. Thanks for including my minty pea dip and link to my summer BBQ tips!