Summer Updates and Nutrition Media

I know to all of my dedicated readers that it may seem like I’ve been loungin’ around as I slack on blog posts this summer, but I promise that is not the case! I have had some summer fun, but have also been workin’ hard on projects with some fun new clients and written some articles, too. While I have a bunch of great posts that are coming soon, I thought I would update you with some of my recent media and work that can keep you up-to-date on the latest in nutrition trends and sports nutrition!
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On top of that, if you don’t yet follow me on Instagram, there will be tons of excitement August 14-18. Plus, I’ve been working on food videos for some of my favorite recipes and they’re all uploaded to You Tube if you haven’t seen them yet!
Now to the fun stuff. If you missed my July segment with ABC Philly on the latest food trends, check it out!
abc philadelphia food trends
As a follow-up, I wrote about the 5 trends from the Fancy Food Show that dietitians need to know about now for Today’s Dietitian’s RD Lounge.

I’ve been sticking to my sports nutrition roots, too, helping to revamp concession stands at swim meets and raising some awareness about leucine, an extremely important amino acid for muscle recovery. You can read more about how to get leucine from soy in my Food & Nutrition article that comes with a tasty recipe, and watch what I have to say about it’s importance in this video for the Newtown Athletic Club.

Coming later this week, I’ll have a roundup of recipes from registered dietitians of the best muffins to make breakfast easy in the morning before school or work, or after school or work before exercise. You’ll see more tips for student-athletes next week, too and a fun series coming in September.

Thanks for being patient and reading along!

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