Ellie Meyers MS, RD, CPT

Associate Sports Dietitian

Ellie joined KJN in 2021 as a registered dietitian and certified personal trainer, specializing in performance nutrition for athletes and active individuals of all ages. As an avid baker and pizza lover, Ellie believes that even the most elite of athletes can achieve their nutrition goals while enjoying their lives with family, friends and food!

Coming from a family of athletes and as a former collegiate athlete herself, Ellie is passionate about developing relationships with her clients to design effective and sustainable performance-based nutrition programs. This involves helping athletes develop practical fueling and hydration strategies to achieve long term performance goals with health in mind. From a young age, Ellie was raised to understand not only the importance of nutrition for fueling health and performance, but also of fostering a positive relationship with nutrition and movement for a good quality of life. For this reason, she approaches performance nutrition from a holistic and flexible perspective.

Ellie assists Kelly closely working with the MLB umpire administration and in recent years has excelled in aiding perimenopausal women to manage symptoms and improve their relationship with food and body while continuing to enjoy endurance competitions and activities they love. She also works with both collegiate and professional athletes in 1-1 and team capacities, including sports such as hockey, baseball, soccer, basketball, wrestling, endurance racing and more.

B.A Biology: Rutgers University
M.S Nutrition and Food Science: Montclair State University
Dietetic Internship: University of Delaware

Kate Evans MS, RD

Consultant Dietitian

Kate is a second-career dietitian who has been working with the KJN team since 2020. After spending her early career in nutrition communications and marketing, Kate was inspired to go back to school to expand her nutrition knowledge and obtain her Registered Dietitian credentials.

Kate has expertise in performance nutrition for clients of a variety of ages and athletic backgrounds. Because of her personal experience struggling with a gastrointestinal (GI) condition as a collegiate triathlete, she is passionate about supporting the unique needs of athletes and people with GI disorders through one-on-one nutrition counseling. Through her Master’s thesis, she explored the intersection between GI disorders and disordered eating, and she is well equipped to address both in active individuals.

Kate strives to help people establish dietary patterns that enable them to feel their best by applying an evidence-based, weight-inclusive approach. She emphasizes the importance of balancing flexibility and structure to foster a positive relationship with food while implementing fueling strategies that support performance and health.

When she’s not working at in the gastroenterology nutrition department at UCLA or with KJN clients, Kate can usually be found swimming, biking, backpacking, or experimenting with new recipes in the kitchen.

B.A. Business Economics: University of California, Los Angeles
M.S. Nutritional Sciences; University of Washington

McKenna Daulton MS, RD, CSCS

Consultant Sports Dietitian

McKenna joins KJN as a registered dietitian and certified strength and conditioning specialist with several years of experience in the collegiate athletics space as both a sports dietitian and strength and conditioning coach. She’s a strong believer in fueling strategically, without restriction, to foster elite performance and an enjoyable relationship with food. 

Throughout her time in college, graduate school, and her early career, McKenna has had the privilege of working with several division 1 athletic departments – namely the University of Wisconsin Madison, the University of Oregon, Texas A&M University, the University of Hawaii at Manoa, Eastern Michigan University and most recently the University of Michigan. At KJN she has excelled in aiding student athletes in need of strategies to gain weight and enhance energy levels, and has aided athletes at the recreational, high school, collegiate and professional level to empower them in making intentional and practical decisions surrounding their fueling. 

McKenna’s love of people, sports, and all things food are what drive her passion to continue helping athletes as a nutrition and fitness professional. Outside of work, she loves to cook and bake, train and compete in powerlifting, and adventure in the outdoors and around the world with her fiancé, Miles. 


B.S. Dietetics and Nutrition: University of Wisconsin Madison
M.S. Kinesiology and Rehabilitation Science: University of Hawaii at Manoa
Dietetic Internship: University of Michigan 

Emily Recupero

Creative Associate

Emily is a freelance graphic designer who specializes in logo design, lettering, illustrations, social media graphics, gif creation, and broadcast video editing. She shares her passions by connecting creative work with socially responsible causes and companies, like Kelly Jones Nutrition.

As a college student, Emily realized her passion for graphic design while completing a summer digital media program. She then honed her skills in digital graphics and began working for the University of Connecticut Athletic Department, designing social media ads, team logos, and animations for sports arenas. She also worked for the national restaurant group, Barteca where she illustrated and animated branded gifs for ‘bartaco’, which have garnered hundreds of millions of impressions on Instagram.

Growing up a competitive dancer and athlete, Emily quickly developed passions for both art and physical health. Due to her personal experiences with mental health, excessive exercise, and disordered eating, she advocates for awareness on these topics. Emily found her passion for wildlife conservation and environmental sustainability, which encouraged her to begin practicing a plant-based lifestyle. She realized this was also the best eating style for her both physically and mentally, and now encourages others to integrate plant-forward practices into their life.

Emily’s work is featured throughout the Kelly Jones Nutrition blog and social channels in a variety of ways as well as in KJN’s broadcast and digital projects for national clients, such as food commodity boards and plant-forward food companies.

B.S. Digital Marketing: University of Connecticut
Certificate of Digital Media & Motion Graphics: University of Connecticut, Connecticut Office of Film, Television, and Digital Media