1-1 Nutrition Coaching

optimally fueling your body and mind

Your workouts and competitive events are under-fueled. You aren’t recovering well, leading to frequent illness and injury. You’re out of touch with your energy and nutrient needs to support training. You’re looking to improve your physical and mental energy levels, while building confidence and reducing stress or even anxiety. You keep hearing you should eat more plants, but don’t know where in the world to start. Our one on one sports nutrition coaching programs have you covered.

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2-6 Month Programs

There’s no quick fix to better physical and mental performance and we know our clients are more successful when they’re supported every step of the way. Adjusted in length and meeting frequency to meet your individual needs, these customized one on one sports nutrition coaching programs all include a comprehensive pre-appointment assessment of your health, diet, and training history so we can dive right into addressing your needs and concerns in a holistic way. You’ll leave your initial 70 minute session with a short-term action plan and receive comprehensive resources to aid in adjusting your eating pattern, mindset, and overall routine. Over the course of the initial program you’ll have access to your KJN dietitian via email as needed in between follow up appointments. At the completion of your kick start program, a variety of retainer program options can be customized to fit your needs to adjust to different training cycles, continue progress in optimizing your eating pattern, and have the real time support you need.

Weekly Feedback

We believe that real-time feedback is instrumental in reframing your brain to increase mindfulness and alter habits. After reviewing your detailed weekly food, fitness and behavior logs, we’ll send back notes and feedback with suggestions on what to improve upon. Only available to existing clients who have completed a program.

Q & A Session

We know that not everyone is in need of a full nutrition program and you may just need evidence-based answers from a nutrition expert on a specific topic. Whether it’s diving into the truth about supplements, walking us through your pantry to help you plan meals, or providing tips to adjust to a new training schedule, you can book a 40 minute session with a KJN dietitian.
This low cost option does not include a health and diet history screening or medical nutrition therapy.

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*While we do not offer discounted services, we understand that it can feel like a large investment when you begin prioritizing your physical and mental health. We adjust our programs to fit your needs and we’re also happy to discuss payment plans and offer superbills that you may submit to your insurance company, as many will offer some reimbursement.

Stacey, Active Plant-Based Mom

Laura is knowledgeable, patient and quick to respond. She immediately noticed I love information, especially podcasts and books, and forwarded me many things to explore, along with my regular recaps. Laura helped me focus on fueling running while also aiding me in looking at food as more than fuel, so I could focus on balance, satiety and satisfaction. She helped me recognize that if I listen to my body’s cues, fuel appropriately for activity, and focus on balanced meals that I feel good about, my resulting body type can’t be “wrong.” It’s a matter of learning to trust my body rather than forcing it to be something it may not be.

Jack, HS Cross Country + Track Athlete

Since working with Laura, I have been making sure to eat enough and hydrate well and it has helped me perform better in practice and meets. I set PRs every time I competed and most recently ran a personal best in the 3000m. I moved up from consistently being the 5th best time on the team last year to being the second best time in every meet. Laura’s advice really helped me realize what I need to eat and drink to properly fuel my body, and when.

Fred, Ultra-Endurance Athlete

I began working with Kelly five years ago after I was diagnosed with a rare muscle disease. Kelly helped me continue my passion for athletics when doctors thought it wouldn’t be possible. Her knowledge and expertise of nutrition has helped offset my disease progression. With her help I am still very active and am able to compete in multi-sport races. I look forward to continued success working with Kelly!