A Weekend of Plant Based Eating in St. Louis

Last weekend we headed to St. Louis for my good friend Katie’s wedding. She and her now husband, Kevin, moved to the city for her post doc at Washington University. Katie and I lived together for our second year of grad school in Buffalo and while we had similar philosophies about where our food should come from, she was much more of a foodie than me! I have to attribute some of my foodie-ness to her and for this reason, immediately knew we’d have some good eats while visiting. She gave good recs but we also did some of our own research. Here’s what we ate and did!

We arrived and took the metro link right to our hotel across from Busch stadium. After dropping our stuff, since it was before check in, we walked to the arch and then ubered a few miles away to Lulu’s Eatery

They’re a small and cute completely vegan restaurant that started as a food truck. While there were healthier things on the menu, I had the Buffalo cauliflower wrap and Tim had the loaded jackfruit nachos. We totally shouldn’t have but also split chili tater tots. Everything was ridiculously good but, the jackfruit was the biggest and best surprise. It literally had a texture like meat and however they seasoned it was perfection. Their butternut squash cheese sauce actually tasted like cheese on the nachos and tots too. Plant based or not, this place is a must!

Buffalo chicken, I mean cauliflower!, wrap!
Jackfruit nachos!
Chili topped tater tots – a small order is more than a meal. Oops. 
We walked off lunch by trekking from lulu’s to the Missouri botanical gardens. Not much bright colors to see in the fall but still a beautiful place that I recommend while visiting! It’s located across from Forest Park which apparently has a phenomenal farmer’s market each Saturday. My favorite part was the herb and veggie garden where they had recipes posted with over a dozen of the plants!

For dinner we went to a new place called  Small Batch that markets itself as a whiskey bar. I knew they had vegetarian options from glancing at the menu but more chose it since Tim likes whiskey and I loved the vibe inside. To my pleasant surprise, the menu was completely vegetarian and they can make every item other than the eggplant parm vegan, too!

They started us with a sample/pretty plated spoonful of peach and tomato with micro-basil that they grew.
We were hungry so we started with the soup and hummus. Based on how big and delicious the meal was, we should have skipped the generic hummus with not so great pitas. The soup on the other hand. To die for. Tim literally said “you can just bring me a trough of this to drink”. It was a coconut milk base with sweet potato, quinoa, black beans, poblano, porcini mushrooms, red pepper and everything else.

We wanted to go light on dinner so we split the egg noodle spicy tofu stir fry and side of seasonal veggies. I cannot believe someone would eat this on their own! It’s absolutely enough for 3-4 people if you have appetizers. The veggies were perfectly cooked and flavorful too.

From there we headed to see the bride and groom to be at their fave brewery, Urban Craft. They have two locations and we were at the second massive one that looks just like a German beer hall. It was great seeing her and for a non-beer drinker, I actually like the brew I tried! Sorry I can’t remember the name of it…

We had also seen Three Sixty Rooftop in our research so when we got back to our hotel area we went there. It’s a great view of the city and the ballpark! It was a little cold but the fires everywhere helped.

We were sleep deprived and even though we were home before midnight, slept til 10! At that point I wasn’t making it to check out the farmers market or a yoga class so we headed out for a 3+ mile touristy run that ended at brunch.

If you google breakfat or brunch the Rooster will come up first. Despite how quiet the city was, there was a half hour wait when we got there so we sat outside in the chilly but sunny weather to avoid it. I had a veggie scramble with a side of their fresh basil pesto (SO yum) and Tim had a spiced black bean scramble. He saw someone’s Bloody Mary… okay saw the pepperocini garnish on someone’s Bloody Mary… and ordered his first ever! I stuck to coffee but he was happy with his “glass of vegetables”.

We felt we should see more of the sites and before getting ready for the wedding walked around more and sat for a drink at ballpark village with a great view of the stadium on a gorgeous day with music from a festival going in the background. I do wish we were there during the season for a game though!

Katie and Kevin’s wedding was at third degree glass factory. What a cool venue! There were tons of glass works of art out for display. They had two colored glass chips, that they mixed during the ceremony, made into a bowl by the glassworkers during cocktail hour.

Dinner was from a local farm to table caterer, Kitchen Kulture, and dessert was a local ice cream place and local donuts. Foodie win! If you’re ever there “mofu tofu” is the best you’ll ever have.

We had a great time and in the morning had to grab food quickly before our flight. We tried to go to Half and Half in Clayton on the way. A little busier than the city. We didn’t even think to make a reservation and there was a 75 min wait! We had our luggage and walked to the corner to companion bakery, the only other option. I had baked soufflé eggs on a sunflower wheat bagel (dugout some of the bread-y part). Tim had a Philly egg sandwich with garlic cream cheese on pretzel roll. Those were great! But, I don’t recommend the Americano –  just get regular coffee if you need it.

We took an easy uber to the airport, got through security in no time and were on our way!
If this isn’t enough info, we also would have tried Sweet Art, Central Table and Farmhous but, there’s only so many meals in a weekend! You can also pick up these mags:

Hope last week’s trip gives you some inspiration should you ever be in St. Louis!
For this week’s trip, I arrived in Boston yesterday and spent the evening with friends before four long and exhilarating days for FNCE, the Academy of Nutritiom and Dietetics Annual Food and Nutritiom Conference and Expo!
I’ll be live tweeting and “insta-storying” from @eatreallivewell all weekend and live tweeting sessions, starting Sunday, from SCAN’s @sportsdietetics account. I’ll also be helping out on the @SCANdpg account for a few events. In addition to those account, search #FNCE on Twitter and Instagram to stay up to date on the latest nutrition research and communications info as well as foodie happenings and new product news!
Where I’ll be:
Today (Saturday 10/15): As a nominating committee member I’ll be at the Nutrition Entrepreneurs EC meeting today and their amazing sold-out networking event tonight.
Sunday 10/16: Nutrition Entrepreneurs DPG entrepreneur panel breakfast, a variety of educational sessions and the expo floor during the day. At night I’ll be at the Food and Nutrition Magazine social media event and possibly making it to the  end of the SCAN networking event. Had to turn down the avocado board event but follow them to see what fun is going on over there, too!
Monday 10/17: Will decide today on either the Nutrition Entrepreneur breakfast or KIND breakfast. Follow @SCANdpg cause I’m sure the yoga and yogurt session will be fun, too! After an ed session I’ll be at the Nutrition Entrepreneurs DPG showcase before a small presentation on pulses and another from avocados. Poster sessions will also be open before more ed sessions. That evening is a special SCAN session on the benefits of yogurt.
Tuesday 10/18: Finding a foodie place for breakfast- any recs? Then a special SCAN sesh on coconut oil, possibly meeting with a social media friend for lunch, more sessions!
Hope you’ve added some places to your St. Louis “to eat list” and are inspired to follow along with all of the nutrition foodie fun in the next few days!

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