Giving Tuesday 2015

After a long weekend of eating good food and, for many people, a LOT of shopping, I am thrilled that Giving Tuesday is gaining traction. As I hope you all donate or give time to those in need today, I want to share my favorite international aid organization as well as an initiative very important to me right now that provides clean water to at risk communities.
Not a day goes by that I am not recommending increased water intake to a client, student or friend. How great is it that we can just say “okay” and choose to drink more to enhance our health? This isn’t so easy for much of our world though, including children. Dehydration is one of the leading causes of death worldwide. By not having access to water, life is impacted dramatically. It is not only having water but having safe and clean water for consumption that can pose problems. Imagine not having any water to drink or any to supply your child with. Recognizing this is how I decided supporting water availability was more important than other initiatives.

I found Child Fund International by accident! I was at the mall shopping around Christmas time 6 years ago and walked by a group of people speaking about the fund. Something made me turn around and go back and I am so happy I did! After learning about the non-profits clean water and farming initiatives that support children in underdeveloped nations, I decided I would provide a monthly donation to directly support irrigation systems. Around the holidays each year I provide an extra donation for things such as chickens to supply eggs to the community or mosquito nets to reduce exposure to malaria. Here is a statement from their about us section on their website:
“We work with families and communities to support children at each stage of their development, promoting children’s well-being, knowledge and skills so that they may participate in society to their fullest potential.”
The second initiative I also hope you will consider supporting on Giving Tuesday is my sister’s trip to Nicaragua this January where as a volunteer she will assist in implementing clean water systems to prevent water-related illnesses in communities with limited access to clean water. The Global Water Brigade’s mission trip she will go on in January is being largely supported by tax deductible donations so that she can travel with a group from the University of Connecticut. I am so proud of her for committing to this journey and know she is going to contribute to lasting benefits to a large community now and for years to come! Please consider donating here. Every penny counts.

Remember how lucky you are to have what you have this holiday season!

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