New Year, New Intentions

There were so many times in 2018 that I felt like I was at my breaking point with lack of sleep, taking on too much work and having excess stress… but, as I reflected on the year I was just filled with JOY! It wasn’t an easy one, becoming a mom and learning how to balance my new #1 role with my career. I love what I do, but didn’t realize how much more I’d love being a mom, so I had said yes to too much before Cooper came along and at times wishes I could take back some of my commitments. I powered through though. Because of my busy scheduled and a mild case of postpartum prolapse, I may not have reached a couple of fitness goals that I had set, but I am a much more flexible and patient person than I was a year ago. I’ve also gotten way better at getting my priorities straight and saying no to things that aren’t best for my family, my sanity, and my career. A big THANK YOU to YOU, my readers, for staying around last year with some inconsistent blogging. I love that you continued to enjoy my recipes and share your thoughts on my posts.
new year, new intentions kelly jones nutrition
Instead of resolutions, or even goals for the year, I’m loving the idea of setting intentions and making plans. This allows for so much more grace and flexibility so that when things don’t go exactly as planned (cause they won’t!), I can still push forward with the same intent and/or adjust my plans. Personally in 2019 I want to complete the half marathon and triathlon I had set to accomplish in 2018. Not because I said I would, but because I really do enjoy competition and like to have a little structure in my fitness. I also intend to do more yoga. It’s important for me mentally, but also necessary physically as I am very injury prone and have lingering hip and knee issues.
I also have plenty of new intentions for Kelly Jones Nutrition this year! I’m in the process of hiring for a huge blog/website design. Later this year, my recipes and informational posts will be much easier to navigate on a more aesthetically pleasing site! I’m also planning to hire an assistant and take on an intern. I’m so lucky to have many amazing opportunities to educate and empower other’s to feel better, but I can only do so much on my own. If you’re interested, these will both most likely be positions you could have from anywhere, so stay tuned as I’ll be announcing more details on this in the next 4-6 weeks!
On top of that, there’s more to come with Fit Fueling. Heather and I will be running a private group for our course in January and will be opening up a general group in February. We’ll certainly be running another course for hypothalamic amenorrhea {what’s that?} and are creating a continuing education course for dietitians, too (join the waitlist for that one).
Thanks to both reflection and the reader survey that many of you filled out in the past week, I’ll also be refocusing my content so that 1) I can provide content that benefits YOU (my audience) as best as possible and 2) I have a better plan to keep me focused in my work. I felt it would be helpful to share those survey results, and let you know my loose plan for content!
While I knew a large number of my readers were female, I didn’t know how many were interested in general women’s health! More on what you’re looking for in this infographic:
2019 Reader Survey Results
Sometimes requests get REALLY specific, like the following. Still, I think a lot of you may be looking for what this reader is – fitness nutrition information if you don’t identify as an athlete. I highly encourage you to read this past post on fueling your body for your fitness.
I’m a ballet dancer and I want to cross train more, plus I’m trying to live a plant based lifestyle. And being a server. Personally, I want to know how to fuel myself for what I need. A lot of “fitness” pages I follow are all about protein shakes and post work out stacks, and I don’t think that’s my lifestyle, but I’m also still much more active than the average person. There’s not a whole lot of advice for the inbetweeners who are busy and active but not weightlifters persay.”

There were many other specific requests and questions, and I plan to address as many as I can this year.  If you don’t already follow me on Instagram or Facebook, I share a lot more content on those channels than I am able to here since they ways to deliver smaller bursts of information. If you’re here for the recipes, please head over to Pinterest where I store not only mine, but also my favorites from other dietitians, too!
Now, what have I done with this information so far? I have a loose content plan which I’ll officially kick off next week! Here’s what you can definitely expect from me, whether the content be shared here + my social channels, or sometimes just on my Instagram/Facebook. I plan to have the videos and throw together meals weekly, with the women’s health and food prep posts bi-weekly. I’ll be as consistent as possible with the fitness nutrition posts, too. Now, while these are the topics, sometimes you’ll see a recipe with info and sometimes it will be just info. That was another survey question and the majority of you want both! If a specific topic you’d like to see (ex: plant-based nutrition, eco-friendly living, self-care, etc.) hasn’t been mentioned, it’s because that type of information is at the root of my philosophy and will seamlessly be part of the other posts.
Kelly Jones Nutrition Content

Did I miss anything you want to see? What do you think of this suggested format? I’d love your feedback whether it be in the comments below or via email or social media direct message.

Cheers to a physically and mentally healthy 2019!

I hope it’s filled with love, laughter,
patience, flexibility, and tasty food!


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