Sweet Earth Bowls Review and Giveaway

Disclosure: This post and giveaway are sponsored by Sweet Earth. I received Sweet Earth meals and product coupons. All opinions stated are my own.
As I mentioned in my last Sweet Earth review post, I am so happy I stumbled upon this company at Expo East – and hope to see them there again next month! I am also lucky to have been able to try so many of their products. I think the veggie burgers are still my favorite, and I do recommend a few of their wraps, too. Tim still likes to get a dose of protein from the grounds to mix with a veggie and grain for a meal, especially the chipotle flavor. We were both thrilled with the new Artisan Bowls though, too! We got to try the Kyoto Stir Fry, Borderless Enchilada, and Enchilada Suiza but, my favorite (out of the two dairy free ones) was the Lentils Provencal. Tim really enjoyed the mushroom ravioli and he doesn’t even like mushrooms!
I had never advocated for frozen, quick fix meals, mostly because of the nutritional content. It may look like veggies and chicken, or even grab your attention since its a “vegetarian burrito” but what else is lurking in that container? In addition to more sodium than you need in a whole day, check out the other garbage in your ingredient list. Sweet Earth has proved me wrong though with real ingredients, a sustainable perspective, enough protein, and lower sodium. If their motto being “Honor and Sustain the Land” isn’t enough for you to see how they align with my values, look at their mission and “eco-clock”!
First let’s look at Tim’s review. God bless my food blogger/instagram husband for helping out with these reviews and taking pictures at his desk at work for me! We do, however, need to work on lighting. Tim, I expect you to walk over to Washington Square Park at lunch with Independence Hall in the background for your next product review. Thanks.
As I mentioned above, Tim doesn’t like mushrooms. He thinks they are slimy and even if he doesn’t notice the texture, usually complains about the flavor (unless we are at Sprig and Vine). Here is a direct quote that he sent me after eating it:

“This was really good. Super creamy but the mushrooms didn’t seem as slimy for some reason. The veggie grounds in the ravioli were very flavorful–tasted a lot like meat! I guarantee that people would eat it and think it was a standard meat ravioli.”

sweet earth mushroom ravioli
Sign him up to be a Chopped judge!
Okay, now for my lentil review. Since this meal is lower in calories and protein than most other sweet earth meals, I cooked an egg up quickly (pasture raised and Certified Humane, of course) to pair with and balance out the meal. To make this an easier at work meal, add a hard boiled egg or some pre-cooked tofu and you’ll be good to go.

I was pleasantly surprised by how fresh and flavorful this was. The herbs still really stood out after being frozen, the lentils were great and most importantly, the texture and color of the green beans were maintained even after microwaving!

And with this one I snapped a pic so you can more easily check the ingredients, which are all available on their site too. At 22% of your minimum need for the day, 340 mg of sodium fits perfectly into a healthy lifestyle! Athletes, you can feel free to salt the egg (or two) that you pair with the meal.

Here is a store locator for where you can find Sweet Earth. I am having a tough time finding the veggie burgers at our local Whole Foods (even though the locator lists them) but, you bet I have bugged the stores and requested they get the product in. Some Sweet Earth Foods products are also at Organnons for any Bucks County folk. The best selection I have seen in a store yet is from Target though! I know, right? You’d never expect that. I didn’t at least. But one day I was curious and strolled down the frozen aisle while there to get laundry detergent or something and there was a massive section with every Sweet Earth product – except the veggie burgers of course.

So, who wants to win some free Sweet Earth food and swag?!

By meeting the entry requirements below, you’re in the running to win:

  • 3 Free product coupons
  • A Sweet Earth t-shirt and swag bag

To enter you must do both of the following:

  1. Follow Sweet Earth and EatRealLiveWell on Twitter
  2. Comment below or on my Facebook page letting us know why you want to try Sweet Earth Foods plant-based meals!

A winner will be chosen at random on Wellness Wednesday, August 23 (my first day back teaching at Bucks for the school year  )– Good luck!

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  1. Great review, I love finding new plant-based products that we can stand behind! These definitely sound like one I want to try out. High-five to Tim for being a good sport. I need to get my man better “trained” in his food photography/assistant skills! 😉

  2. I am always looking for plant based foods, that not only are delicious but the ingredient list doesn’t have all these words I can’t figure out how to pronounce..????
    I can’t wait to see Tim’s pictures in front of Independence Hall. He is going to be one busy guy. I hope he has a selfie stick, because that’s next…????????
    I’ll be going to Target this afternoon to check out their Sweet Earth food selection.

  3. Nice review, these sound great! It’s always good to have healthy convenience meals on hand for when I’m in a rush and don’t have dinner prepared. Thanks for the giveaway! I follow both pages on twitter (@j_mosh)

    1. Unfortunately the contest winner has already been announced in today’s post! I highly recommend checking out their website or Facebook page to see if there are any more deals. Hope you enjoy!!