Wanderlust 108 Brooklyn Review 

It’s World Smile Day! In honor of that, and Wanderlust 108 coming to the city of Philadelphia, I wanted to share my 108 Brooklyn experiences and hope I can inspire you to smile a little bit more 🙂
If you live in a city with a Wanderlust 108, you have no excuse not to go! While I recommend paying for the event which allows you to do the run, extra yoga sessions, and gives you other perks, ANYONE can come to yoga, meditation and the festival for free! 
I can’t remember how I found out about Wanderlust festivals but, without being able to commit to 4 days in VT or Vancouver just for yoga and zen in the past few years, I was SO excited when the first Wanderlust 108 Mindful Triathlon in Brooklyn was announced a bit over 2 years ago. What’s a mindful triathlon, you ask? A 5(ish)k run, outdoor yoga/yoga dance party, and meditation. With thousands of other people! Not to mention it was in Prospect Park which I now know is a massive, active, beautiful green space with many activities. Even botanical gardens!
I immediately signed myself and my awesome younger sister up and we had the time of our life. After doing a fun 5k run side by side, the ridiculously fun and inspiring yoga dance party with MC Yogi made me a Wanderluster for life. It was even pouring down rain and we, along with lots of other yogis, enjoyed ever second of vinyasas, flows, and breaths. Another factor that really grabbed my attention was the speakers – from wellness-minded politicians to an ex-NFL player who found strength through meditation as he healed from a paralytic injury, I was inspired to radiate positive energy to the world not only in my career but my everyday interactions!
Em and I left feeling so energetic while still at peace. Like the feeling you get from your favorite weekly yoga class times a million. I couldn’t wait to go back again!
Unfortunately, dates for the few 2015 festivals conflicted with other life events so when 2016 dates were announced, we were prioritizing! Since the Philly Wanderlust is the weekend of my good friend’s wedding in St. Louis, we headed back to Brooklyn this year!
We drove from my parents in CT where we were staying for the weekend and had amazing breakfasts from Granola Bar Westport on the way {like cashew yogurt, berry parfaits}. It was perfect ’cause while I’d love to sit and eat in the adorable spot, you can order ahead and pick up!

We arrived to Brooklyn on a gorgeous September 11 morning. The festival was certainly bigger and more energetic than the first! I have to say some of the extra vibes I felt had to have come from the fact that it was the 10 year anniversary of 9/11. What a place to be on that day.

Pre-5k, MC Yogi pumped us up {in an inspiring Yogi kind of way}. We realized that by “5k(+/-)” on the site, they actually meant closer to 6k (5.96 to be exact). Which, was more challenging than I’d like to admit. No timing system or chips, but, I did have my Polar watch so that we figured out how long it was! Due to foot and ankle pain and fear of stress fractures I hadn’t run more than 2 miles for months. Earlier in the week before the triathlon, I found out I have bone spurs and arthritis in both feet and ankles as well as arthritis in my right knee. The good news is, the doc at Rothman said I can keep running, it will just hurt. I can handle that BUT handling .6 miles after I thought I’d finished a race was not on my to do list! The energy of prospect park and joy of the people around me got Emily and I through that extra .6 and to the festival before yoga!

This year, while I knew of all the vendors there, was really excited for many of them such as RxBar, Perfect Bar, Weleda and Coconut Bliss. Spiritual Gangster clothing (LoVE them) was there too and I scored an $85 pair of super cute sweats for $5. YUP.
MC Yogi killed it again with the most fun yoga dance party, this time in the bright shining sun!! He brings strangers together so easily to just smile, laugh, flow and have fun together. It was good to practice some meditation after yoga, too since I never make time for it (wellness is a process!). Emily had to hop on a train to head back to CT and then UConn that day so we missed the extra activities they added for those that bought tickets for the 5k but, next time we are definitely staying for the outdoor aerial and other fun forms of yoga!
[Side bar: My mom and Tim were watching football while we were yoga-ing so, after dropping Mom and Em at Grand Central, I was super hungry and convinced Tim we needed Chef Chloe in our life finally. It was more amazing than I imagined. She needs to open a Philly location. So, if you live in NYC, Chicago or LA – get there now.]

This event brings people of many backgrounds together to find peace, joy, and hope. It reassures me that there are still so many good people in this world that are working towards bettering our planet daily. And, it lights a fire that keeps me motivated to be thankful, be kind, and support others each and everyday.
We can’t sugar coat it, we live in a scary world. You can be ignorant to world events, you can dwell on them, or you can accept them and do what you can to make the world a better place. While it won’t change everything, even just smiling makes a difference. It is contagious so, give everyone you see today {and everyday} a nice big smile. Even if you have RBF and have to force it, it will make you happier too! ????


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  1. You are the cutest! I have been wanting to go to the full-on Wanderlust for soo long and I also seem to have things going on when the 108 events come up, but it sounds like I need to get my butt to one soon. Glad you also got to by CHLOE. SO GOOD!

  2. Obviously this comment is all about the food….lol I love by CHLOE. Thank you for doing your review of Wanderlust Brooklyn. I have one coming up in my city and am thinking about going. Just kind of confused on the ‘don’t need a ticket’ thing? Or does it vary by city?

    1. It may vary city to city, but in Brooklyn Prospect Park is a massive public park so no part of Wanderlust is closed to the public. You can easily just run the same 5k course as those who have paid for tickets, and then set up your yoga mat for yoga and meditation on the field. I couldn’t make Brooklyn this year so I’m doing my first one in Philly – I’ll see if it’s run any differently there! There are typically other ticket perks like extra yoga sessions and discounts on he wanderlust store