What I Ate Wednesday – Nauseous Pregnancy Edition

While I’ve shared it with my social media followers, I’m just now realizing this is my first time sharing my news with my blog viewers! I think the title of this post tells it all, but with tomorrow marking 18 weeks of pregnancy, it also marks almost 13 weeks of around the clock nausea.
pregnancy announcement food

The above actually was a day I was able to stomach some of that buffalo cauliflower, but the foodie in me may have faked it a bit for our announcement picture!

When people find out I’m pregnant their first instinct is “oh, you must be having such a healthy pregnancy!”. When they find out that my nausea literally never goes away and that I literally don’t feel hungry ever, they then assume I only eat white bread to stay alive.
I’m not a big fan of most What I Ate Wednesday (#WIAW) posts because it gives people who aren’t professionals the idea that whatever they’re seeing is exactly what they should eat. Everyone is different, so don’t mimic someone else’s diet! Still, I think it’s important for people to see what nutrition might look like in my situation and feel I can maybe inspire some other women who are dealing with this same issue.
It’s possible to sneak in some veggies and protein and it’s not worth it to beat yourself up when your diet isn’t as perfect as you imagined it would be during your pregnancy.
So, I’m sharing how Thursday went last week. On Tuesdays and Thursdays I’m teaching at the college. I have class from 8-9:15, 9:30-10:45 and 11-12:15 followed by office hours til 3. Yay for sitting those last 3 hours!
Breakfast is when I’m capable of eating the largest volume at once. I typically need to rest for like 15 minutes after, but I can get full without feeling like I’m not going to make it another hour. I still have aversions to eggs most of the time though, which are a major morning protein source. I’m also typically advocating for not using instant oats at home, especially not those with added sugar in the morning, but they sound better lately so I’m rolling with it! To balance the sugar though, I’ve found I like this combo below adding in some Bob’s Red Mill vanilla protein, soy milk and pumpkin. Topping with nut butter and hemp seeds just adds more nutrition.

By the time I’ve taught one class, my blood sugar is dropping and I’m getting more nauseous and get a headache. Increases in nausea are the new “hunger” signals for me. So on this day, these real fruit rolls and some enlightened crisps kept me going.

Another class down and I’m feeling the same way… if you’ve ever seen me present/teach/speak before, I move around a lot, so it’s not like I’m just sitting or standing there. Rxbars have just recently been able to go down, but only pumpkin flavor. I think I had half of this now and half after lunch.

Despite Tim doing amazing food prep for me every Sunday, a lot of things just don’t taste good. So, today, despite plenty of options in the fridge, I packed an Amy’s frozen bean burrito. I’m human, this works. It’s okay to not eat homemade food sometimes.

I finished the earlier rxbar at some point before heading home. The Nancy’s soy yogurt, frozen blueberries and nature’s oath heritage flakes I had packed to mix together never got eaten, so I mixed them together as soon as I got home around 3:30. Tastes better than it looks I promise!

I got an awesome package from Kim with this adorable mug and peanut butter cups later in the afternoon! Kim knows I have a huge collection of mugs with quotes… and knows I’ve been feeling not so hot and I’m assuming wanted to make sure the baby was getting his or her daily dose of dark chocolate. I paired a PB cup with a rice cake immediately (I eat a lot of rice cakes these days).

My dinner was a meal I’ve, no exaggeration, been eating 5-6 times a week. Tim has baked a large spaghetti squash and made a big batch of lentils each week for me. As I mentioned, proteins and veggies don’t sound good to me, like ever. So lentils are a good way to get some protein, iron and folate. The spaghetti squash is the most bland squash to me and also has plenty of antioxidants. Peas are okay too, so I throw them on top for both the veg and the protein factor. A nut cheese on top (like Heidi ho brand or treeline) and my go-to meal is complete.

And my night time snack (around 7:30 these days cause I fall asleep before 9) tonight was the last of my spelt and oat pumpkin muffins that my mom had made me. Topped with some PB and with a side of almond milk – I let almond milk act as my calcium supplement.

So there you have it. I promise I’m eating despite how I feel, the baby is getting energy and nutrients, and I can’t wait until I crave something and truly enjoy food again.
Nauseous pregnancy questions from any moms out there? Let me know! Any nausea tips for me? Let me know if something worked well for you ????. 
To my consistent readers,
I hope this all explains my decline in recipe posts lately! I’m doing my best to get a couple more out this month, and will likely mix in a pregnancy related one here and there. Bear with me as I try to use my new experiences and knowledge to help some other moms-to-be out there!
<3 Kelly

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  1. Great article, looks very good, especially the dark chocolate peanut butter cups by Justin. So proud of you. Love you, Harold >