Yes I eat bread and I think you should too!

You might be thinking “but aren’t carbs bad” and “isn’t gluten going to kill me” and “oh my gosh Kelly eats processed bread”?! First of all, if you don’t have Celiac disease, an actual wheat allergy or serious issues with gluten, stop eating gluten free processed garbage. Second, whole grains, in their natural form provide you with fiber, protein and many antioxidants! If you want more info to support this, read about my terrible experience with low-carb dieting back in the day.
I’m not promoting just any bread here {just like I’m picky with pasta and pizza}. Ideally you purchase a loaf with locally ground flour that is baked on site and is loaded with whole grains and delicious seeds but, if you’re looking for one at the grocery store, or want to indulge while out, I’ve still got you covered.

Fresh Baked Breads

Whole Foods Seeduction, 12 Seed and Grain, or Organic Prairie breads

These are available at the bakery counter either as whole loafs fresh out of the oven or, you can have them sliced. I recommend getting a half loaf sliced because portion control is not easy with this level of deliciousness!

Wegman’s “Marathon”

Similar to the Whole Foods breads, marathon bread is also available in half loaf and loaded with hearty pumpkin seeds and grains. You can even see pieces of carrot in this fluffy filling loaf!

Great Harvest Bread Co

I’m still crying over the fact that the Newtown, PA location closed (when ownership changed, things went down hill). Maybe you’re near one of their many other locations though and can over-night me a loaf. Their “high 5 fiber” and “Dakota” are classic faves but if it was closer to me than Maryland I would be all over the hummus bread listed on their site right now.

Soulberry Bread

If you live in Bucks County, rejoice! Soulberry bread, made in Solebury, obviously, is sold at Organnons and Tubby Olive and I am sure some other locations. They have a delicious whole grain sourdough.

Packaged Breads

Now for pre-packaged breads. You have to be careful here. “100% whole grain” on the front of the package doesn’t mean much at all. Maybe the grains in there are whole grain but that in no way means grains are the only ingredient! Check that ingredient list – are there 20 ingredients including high fructose corn syrup, hydrogenated oils (aka trans fat) and preservatives like BHT? Well that company did a great job with their marketing and fooled you, huh? Stick to the following:

Food for Life

More commonly known as “Ezekiel” bread, this brand has been around for decades but is just finally getting the attention it deserves! Sometimes people are turned off that they are often in the refrigerated or frozen section but, I find those that have issues with the bread texture enjoy their English muffins or the “Genesis” variety. Now what makes this brand different than most others? The simple ingredients and the sprouted grains. Sprouted grains are not only more easily digested but, also allow for better absorption of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants into your body. Woohoo!
Want a little treat? Ditch the Pepperidge Farm cinnamon raisin bread that I loved as a kid for Food for Life’s cinnamon raisin bread or english muffins. No added sugars, and the same ingredients as their other breads with added raisins and cinnamon. So simple! Top with PB and chia seeds or, as I enjoyed it before recognizing my dairy allergy, with some {organic, hormone free} cream cheese!

Alvarado Street

I’d seen this brand before but never actually tried them until expo east last October. Their ingredients also are mostly sprouted grains but they even make hot dog buns (for your nitrate free turkey dogs of course)! What a win!

Lancaster Food Co.

Another brand I discovered at Expo East, Lancaster Food Co. is relatively local for me here in southeast PA. While this brand contains some sprouted grains, it is mostly un-sprouted whole wheat but is still free of artificial ingredients. If you’re looking for more fluff in your loaf, this brand is for you. Available where I live in Whole Foods and Wegmans, they hopefully are expanding into many mainstream grocery stores soon!

One Degree Foods

Not found in as many places, but in my local Whole Foods, One Degree brand is another sprouted grain option! They pride themselves in using sprouted khorasan wheat, a non-hybridized variety. They also have QR codes on each package for you to research exactly what farms the ingredients in your loaf came from.

While out at Restaurants

I have to say, this usually is not worth it. I advocate for choosing the bread or a starch with your meal while out in most instances (especially if you eat out often like me). However, locally there are two places where it is worth it! Yardley Inn, my go-to local restaurant, has amazing whole grain rolls. I always ask specifically for them before the bread is brought to the table because they do have white rolls and crispy flatbread that they may bring out too – we don’t need any of that. It is usually a good idea to save the warm, fluffy, hearty roll to have with my meal or salad instead of just having it with the butter they serve. Winnie’s Le Bus of Manayunk has pretty much the same rolls! If you are in a similar situation and it is an option, just get double veggies with your meal and skip the pasta, grain or potatoes.
Have another bakery you recommend? Or another bread variety at a typical grocery store? Share your knowledge with me and the world!!

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