A Weekend of Summer Eats in NYC

Happy FriYay!

If anyone is traveling to NYC this weekend {or living there and not tapping into their foodie side} I’ve done all the work for you and found some of the best spots to eat delicious and real food, and enjoy drinks, in Lower Manhattan and Chelsea. I grew up about an 75 minutes from the city (or, you know, 75 hours in traffic) and went into NYC regularly. We’d usually train in to Grand Central station and spend most of our time in mid-town. The older version of me still enjoys that area but prefers the less touristy and more cultured part of this great city. Living 60-75 minutes in the other direction, I now unfortunately train into Penn Station and miss the glory of Grand Central Terminal but, it brings me in to Chelsea, closer to some of these delicious foodie spots. I’m excited to share the eats from mine and Tim’s 4th anniversary weekend get-away and plan to do a better job posting my eats from NYC visits to come!

We headed in Saturday morning after a light breakfast at home, dropped our bags at our hotel around 10:30 (the room was ready super early which we were shocked and thrilled about). We had reservations to finally tour the 9/11 memorial by the Freedom Tower at 1 PM and since it was a gorgeous, yet steamy, day we walked about a mile and a half down. Obviously we need some mid-day sustenance and even more obvious, I already knew where I wanted to go. I’d been drooling over posts from Chalait on Instagram and it could not have been more conveniently located on our walk to the tower. Unfortunately this location is closing but two more will be opening in Chelsea and NoMad soon. I went with the Avocado Sunrise Tartine – local bread topped with avo, chimichurri, marinated tomato, arugula, pepitas and for me, a soft boiled egg. It was as amazing as I imagined and I want it again right now as I am typing even though I literally just had a snack. I am jealous that Tim can fit more food in his belly. He got The Greenwich, a sandwich with black bean mash, avo, pickled onions, sriracha mayo and feta – and a fresh yummy looking vegan chocolate chip cookie. After we ordered, I realized I needed an iced matcha tea – it was not iced by the time we got to the Freedom Tower but, still delicious and energizing.

On our walk to the museum we saw this sidewalk planter street art/mosaic. While the 9/11  Memorial museum was an extremely emotional experience, I recommend it to everyone. It really highlights our country’s resilience and is a great reminder not to take anything or anyone for granted.

After the memorial, we walked by some pretty gardens and Union Square. Love that farmer’s market… but not on a Saturday! Ah so busy. Here is a comprehensive list of all NYC farm markets if you want to hit another on the weekend. We headed right over to Chelsea to meet with some of our favorite friends! Due to the excitement of seeing these friends, I forgot to take pictures of the Mediterranean plate I ordered with some prosecco but, Flatiron Beer Hall is a cool place to stop for a drink and hang out. Rustic with a modern twist. I can’t take credit for finding it so shout out to my childhood friend Cait who lives this NYC life everyday.


In addition to loving good food and being picky about it, I can also be the most indecisive eater you’ll ever meet. We had reservations at both Market Table and Ofrenda which are in the same general area but could only pick one and went with Market Table .

I sipped some champs while Tim was ecstatic over his Eagle Eye cocktail of chili infused bourbon, lime, ginger and a smoked serrano salted rim. We ordered the spicy Mexican corn off the cob which was a huge mistake- not because it wasn’t good but because of how dairy and my GI tract & lungs hate each other :(. Just a reminder of why I don’t risk it no matter how good something sounds and no matter the occasion! If I could do it all over again I would have gotten any of their other amazing sounding appetizers sans cheese.

For dinner I switched to a Pinot Noir from Oregon. I thought I hated Pinot Noir until I had some in Portland back in April. Now I get an Oregon Pinot any chance I have! For dinner I had wild striped bass with the snow peas and green beans listed under vegetables. Proof you can always build your own entree when you don’t see a combo that feels right! Tim had the chicken with asparagus risotto and burst tomatoes. I absolutely recommend this spot even though their dinner lighting is better for the ambience than the food pics!FullSizeRender(9)

We walked around a bit more after dinner – earlier we had walked by Sweet Revenge {close by Market Table on Carmine} and a cupcake was sounding realllly good so we swooped back over. I typically would not order my own dessert but, Tim wanted the cheesecake. He tried to be nice and said “oh no, I will split that with you” when I complained but then let him have his own since it was our anniversary, after all. I went with espresso instead of a drink. I thoroughly enjoyed it but at this brunch and dessert spot, they pair the beers and wines with each dessert for you. When my husband, who makes fun of the elaborate descriptions on beers and wines, let our server know how exceptional his beer was with his cheesecake, I knew I should have paired too. Oh well, next time!

I got a peanut butter cupcake with PB frosting that was filled with a thick chocolate ganache. The frosting – oh. my. gosh. With the smallest bite there was sooo much wonderful sweet and creamy peanut butter flavor. I honestly could have done without the cake part so, if I do return, I will just be ordering a frosting shot. Yeah, they do that. Tim had the turtle cheesecake. Due to my previously highlighted dairy problems, I could only taste the crust. This was the best bite of any crust on anything that I have ever had in my life. In my head I am pretending I am currently enjoying it as dessert after the Chalait tartine. Go ahead, take a look at these pictures of this awesomeness.


And this frosting…

We wound up out for another couple of drinks at The Waverly Inn and Dos Caminos after dessert – sorry, no pictures so, fast forward to Sunday brunchin!

While I had a long list of brunch places to choose from, per Cait and Devin’s recommendations, we went to Tablespoon. Yup, cutest name ever with delicious local food and fair trade coffee, too! While I enjoyed my coffee Tim, Mr. Anti-coffee, ordered a chocolate milk. The server said “sure… I think we can do that”. Tim was served a chocolate milk that he figured out was literally made by them shredding/grating a chocolate bar into the milk and blending it up. How awesome/fresh is that?!

He got the huevos rancheros (not a surprise) and by the picture you can see he still sometimes forgets that he isn’t allowed to eat until we take pictures. I had the Type A Omelet {super fitting for me} with spinach and pico de gallo. It came with mixed greens as well as locally baked whole grain bread and a shitake mushroom hash. Impossible to finish but every bite was delicious. They also gave me fresh java in a to-go cup after which made me love the staff there even more.

We walked off brunch on the high line. How have I not walked on here before? Yes it was busy but it is SO COOL that NYC built a park on an old railroad track. If we were hungry I totally would have tried something from one of the vendors along the way or at the restaurant at the end. We also strolled through Chelsea Market and saw other yummy eats and cool artsy vendors. AND saw the new NYC Dizengoff – the most delicious hummus you’ll ever have. The original is in Philly and they almost always close early because they sell out pretty much everyday.

We walked along through a couple of art street fairs, saw the awesome street art below, sipped some Kombucha and relaxed in Madison Square Park, and then browsed in Eataly. I needed more of my Wild Hive Farm cornmeal for the polenta recipe I just posted and while there clearly had to get fresh pasta. More on that below.

It was about 5 hours since brunch and we had to fuel up for our train ride home! Another instagram find, 00+ Co has been on my list for months. We didn’t think we would fit it in but I am sooooo happy we made it over to East Village. The pictures you are about to see contain no animal products. I swear. The mozzarella on both pizzas is made out of cashews. I need to experiment in my kitchen to replicate! The “sausage” on Tim’s pizza is made of farro and fennel and he said it actually tasted like sausage. Keep up the plant-powered awesomeness 00+co!!

We had a quick but fun-filled trip that was both exciting and relaxing. It was great trying new spots and we can’t wait to come back to hang with friends and try out some new spots! Stay tuned to see what we did with our fresh farro fettuccine and spinach pasta from Eataly.

NYC foodies: What other real-food restaurants should be on my radar?


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