Austin Healthy Food Review

Hello Austin, TX!! I have missed you and your delicious food and fun activities!
A little over a week ago I flew out to ATX for McGraw Hill Publishing. In case you missed it, here was my IG pic of “lunch” on the plane. Cheers to packing for travel! Despite a speedy layover I still got 2 servings of fruit, 22 g of protein and 14 g of fiber in for lunch.  
I landed early around 1 but had to wait for the McGraw hill pre-planned transportation to the hotel for about 30 min – not easy! I was so eager to get there and be outside. It was 20 and windy when I left Philly and 81 here. Enough said.
I knew I would have very little time Friday & Saturday due to the planned schedule so as soon as I got to the hotel, I checked in, exchanged my boots for flip flops and got walking… to Whole Foods Flagship.

Yeah I know, I’m a food neRD. But if you’ve never been there before, there is no explaining its majesty. I picked up some essentials for the room, and since I hadn’t had lunch yet got a baby order of fresh shrimp & veggie summer rolls and this local kombucha. It never hurts to get a probiotic boost while traveling and this new-to-me brand and flavor was amaaaazing. Send your stuff to the east coast Kosmic Kombucha!!

I did more walking around the cute streets and along the river on the path and was still a little hungry. Not knowing what I would be served for dinner, I stopped at Second Bar + Kitchen where Tim and I had gone a couple of years ago. This place got me addicted to blistered shishitos so, ordering them here {w/ miso glaze} was a must. I treated myself to a “Pink Pony Paloma” {tequila, melon aperol, grapefruit, lime} and a side of their kale & sweet potato panzanella with ginger jus. Mind blown. I absolutely did not expect the amount of flavor and texture I got out of that tiny dish. Even better than those shishitos (close though!). Unfortunately, the leftovers I had from both never got eaten because McGraw Hill’s offerings at the JW Marriott for each meal were actually great but, I HIGHLY recommend stopping here for both of these apps to share with a friend in your travels!

That evening I met with close to 15 other nutrition pros at the hotel to kick off or weekend. I was thrilled to meet a fun group of people to spend the next couple of days with! We got to know each other by starting to design and build a guitar for a local charity that donates guitars to troubled teens. We went with the “eat a rainbow” theme and gave it a little edge! We drew fruits and veggies by the deadline and someone else assembled it to become a functioning electric guitar. So cool!!

After a great dinner and some wine I got to bed so I could explore in the AM before an early breakfast with the group. 6 AM in Austin is dark in February!! I did a nice 3+ mile run down Congress st. around the gorgeous State Capital building and then to the Texas campus.


Once back I headed to breakfast and then some nutrition text technology/collaboration sessions with my cool new nutrition friends. As a vegetarian  it’s always nerve-wrecking when someone else has picked out meals. Thankfully lunch on Friday didn’t suck. It was great! A build your own taco/taco salad bar with a chips and condiments station as well as enchiladas. I successfully filled a plant based plate that was delicious. Indulged in a bit of sweet corn bread too.

After afternoon work I had about an hour before we were meeting for dinner. I had to get outside and see the sun so I walked along the river again. It was a gorgeous day!  
While I didn’t snap a picture, I had dinner at Cooper’s BBQ. No, they don’t have a vegetarian friendly menu. BUT the Senior Nutrition Editor for McGraw Hill follows a diet like me and ensured that vegan and pescatarian options were brought over from JW Marriot. I had delicious red snapper with brussel sprouts and then did grab a baked potato. A little salty but really good too. While many complained of digestive issues later I was feeling glorious! Yay healthy food!

We went out to enjoy some of the unique Austin nightlife on 6th street. This city is known as the live music capital of the world! You can see how they shut down traffic on the street at night due to the foot traffic. First though, I convinced or group to check out the Driskill Hotel bar. It’s a cool building with fun history and a unique vibe. Afterwards we went to a local bar that had a large rooftop area with a band playing. Oh, and perfect weather!  

We wrapped up the next day and I headed right to the airport. Almost missed my connection but made it that night and Tim and I tried a new spot in Philly. Stay tuned for Monday’s post to see some yummy veggies!!

Who has been to Austin? What was your favorite restaurant, meal or live music venue? Next time I hope to get in more activity like paddle boarding on the river!

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