30 Minute Travel Exercise Circuit

Being away from home and a normal routine shouldn’t mean your activity level suffers. This is especially the case if you’re traveling for leisure rather than work. For me, exercise is about a healthy mind, not just a healthy body. It balances my mood, keeps any anxiety down, and while traveling gives me peace in maintaining some type of routine. While I am on vacation right now, I wanted to share a circuit you can do while traveling for business (or other reasons) too, with hotel equipment. 
Right now we are vacationing in Jamaica for my in-laws 50th Wedding Anniversary! Kind of a big deal. We are here with my brother and sisters-in-law, their spouses and our nieces and it’s the first time we’ve all been together since Tim and I got married about 4 years ago! With everyone living in different areas on the east coast with busy schedules, it’s hard to get together so it’s quite a big event right now! There’s plenty of flexibility going on – we are getting plenty of fresh and healthy food prepared for each meal but I’m choosing to be flexible with some margaritas made freshly w/ mangos on the property and local lines and oranges. I don’t mind skipping dessert so I’m choosing my splurges wisely!
On Sunday, our first full day, Tim and I did a short ocean swim in his gorgeousness past the buoys:
We’re lucky enough at Harmony Hill to have a very adequate gym with lots of brand new equipment. You can find similar equipment in many hotels and resorts now though – this year on trips to Austin and Portland, they even had TRX in the hotel gyms! After our swim warm up I did a modified “six zone” training. Six zone is the 35 minute circuit training offered at the Newtown Athletic Club. You spend 5 minutes at 6 different stations with a minute in between to recover. Everytime you come there are different exercises at each station (usually rowing, agility, bosu/kettle bells, something with box jumps or dumb bells, and trx). Based on the equipment in our gym, here’s the six zone circuit I did on day 1. The extreme humidity kept my intensity a little lower than normal but it was still a great way to move in the middle of a relaxing day! At each zone, you repeat the exercises until the 5 min are up.

Zone 1:
300 m row, 20 alternating knees to elbow in plank position
Zone 2: 1 arm dumb bell bent over row X 15, 20 squat jumps, 1 arm up right row to overhead press
Zone 3: 15 Bosu squats squats, 10 Bosu push-ups, 20 Bosu rotating obliques, 10 Bosu side plank dips each side
Zone 4: 12 “box jumps” on bench, 15 Kettlebell swings, Explosive alternating step ups, 15 KB Up right row
Zone 5: 20 v ups with weight, 30 Bicycles, 10 long Jumps
Zone 6: 15 cable biceps, 15 cable flys, 20 supermans

No matter the exercise, you get what you give but I always say, 5 minutes is better than zero so do what you can and enjoy the benefits! If the above is too much, check out the short “morning yoga circuit” in this post!
In case you missed my last post, tomorrow, July 7 is the last day to enter the Ultima Replenisher giveaway over on Instagram. Happy wellness Wednesday 🙂

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