Distillery Run and Nourishment Events 

February has been a fun month so far, coming off of a fantastic January, too. I had a couple of speaking events in the past two weeks that were open to the public that I thought I would review since they were so much fun and at such great venues.
The first event on February 6 was the Distillery Run, held in conjunction with the Oddyssey Half Marathon. Their founder and race director is heavily involved in the Philly running community and has seasonal running series and events that support local running charities. This run supported Open Streets PHL.  Carl also directs the Great American Brewery Run series in the greater Philadelphia area. They sound fun too! As long as you enjoy your brews in moderation, of course 🙂

For this event, runners (and myself & another speaker) ran about 3 miles together from the Art Museum steps to New Liberty Distillery. Upon arrival everyone was greeted with a new Philly runner glass on the first floor. We then moved to the second floor, which still has a lot of its old architecture. There, I presented information on nutrition for training, Dr. Michael Ross from the Rothman Institute spoke on injury prevention, and David Wisniewsi from Philadelphia Running Concepts spoke about training for races. The distillery, which used to be horse stables, was such a fun venue due to its ambiance and simple barrel decor! The upstairs, which we spent time in after the presentation portion has a bar and is decorated to enhance its rustic feel. I am not a huge fan of whiskey but enjoyed the tastings. They also have vodka and mixed drinks at the bar if you aren’t a whiskey fan too. I hope to bring other group events here in the future!

Below is first a pic pre-presentation showing off the barrels. Old horse stable doors were still up, too! Next is a shot from my presentation. I think I was talking about medjool dates here!

A special thanks to Siggi’s for donating yogurt for every runner at the event. We had a little leftover which I was able to give away 2 days later at my nutrition for hair, nails & skin event. From a running perspective, yogurt is a great post-workout snack for recovery since it contains quality proteins and carbohydrates that work together to repair and re-energize your muscles. Even though I am allergic to dairy, and I believe more people are than think they are, if you can tolerate it, dairy can be a good source of protein and nutrients for athletes. Siggi’s is a good option because it has such a low amount of added sugar but (per all of my client’s feedback) has great flavor. Another thanks to Energy Bits for 25% off bags of bits for attendees.





My event the following Monday was held at Urban Allure Salon and Spa in Newtown, PA. It was outside the norm but a lot of fun! I educated the group on how to eat to support your hair skin and nail health while hearing best practices for external care from the experts at the salon! I covered the nutrients most essential for skin health, including but not limited to fatty nutrients and water. I also spoke about the benefits of foods over supplements, and how your GI health is related to your biotin status.


The salon staff popped in here and there to relate my nutrition topics to services provided including massage, scalp treatments, and nail treatments. Jason from CryoSource hopped in to chat about the benefits of cryotherapy (cold therapy) for anti-inflammatory effects since inflammation can impact your skin health. Finally, the seminar ended with a rep from Kneipp products who spoke about the over 100 year old company’s Ayurvedic and natural ingredients that support your skin. From hand lotions to facial masks to bath salts, she had me sold really quickly!

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