Snap Kitchen Review: Philadelphia

Disclosure:  I received free samples from Snap Kitchen while at the event as well as meals to take home. All opinions stated are my own.
snap kitchen review snap kitchen premade meals
I had such a great time checking out the brand new Old City Snap Kitchen location in Philadelphia last week before the grand opening and putting together my thoughts in this Snap Kitchen review! Local bloggers and IGers were invited to not only try whatever foods we wanted but also snap blog-worthy photos with the picture station they had set up that you can see below – so much fun! I’m sure you can still see a collection of the pics on Instagram by searching #snapkitchenphilly.

What is Snap Kitchen?

If you haven’t already read about or seen it on Philly social media, in short, it is a healthy ready prepared meal and snack hub. As you can see in the pictures above, there are SO MANY OPTIONS! It is like getting take out from your favorite restaurant except all of the meals are “made fresh daily, portion controlled, and nutritionally balanced.”  They have options for whatever label you put on your diet from paleo, to vegan, to gluten free (while not prepared in a gluten free facility all items are made without gluten containing products). They make it easy for you to pick out your entree too by color coding labels; red for meats, yellow for poultry, blue for seafood, and green for vegetarian/vegan. The executive chef said about 80% of menu items are dairy free.

Does it actually taste good?

I was skeptical of having ready prepared salmon so that is why it is what I chose for my entree at the event. As instructed, I popped the BPA free, reusable container filled with crispy organic scottish salmon, roasted carrots and zucchini into the microwave for less than 2 minutes. I plated and took pictures (see below) with the fab photo station of my delicious looking meal but still had low expectations of my microwaved fish. I am so happy that they proved me wrong! I was so excited that I snagged the coconut shrimp meal for lunch the next day, and again, was blown away by the reheated fish.
snap kitchen salmon review
snap kitchen shrimp review
While I love love love my Hungry Root, I need to know in advance when I want the meals so that I have them ordered and, I need a minimum order to avoid shipping costs. Delicious and nutritious for sure but, not as convenient as this.

Does it have a Kelly Jones stamp of approval?

Not only does Snap Kitchen have a registered dietitian (#nutritionexperts #woohoo!) approve every entree created by Executive Chef Matt Reinhart, they also care about their ingredients and where they come from.
The Snap website states:

“We are passionately picky when it comes to the choices we make. From our internal team of chefs and dietitians to our trusted farmers, ranchers, and food suppliers, we aim to create stores that reflect our guests‘ values towards health, community, and sustainability. It’s this commitment that produces strong, successful relationships. And it’s this promise that drives everything we do.”

I had the opportunity to speak with Matt for a while at the event and can assure you the company is doing its best to keep ingredients as seasonal as possible here in Philly but, it has been a challenge compared to Austin locations where the company (and RD & Chef) are based. Their definition of “local” is within 400 miles for produce. They choose organic grains whenever possible and the beef is grassfed, poultry is free-range, antibiotic & hormone free, and seafood is wild caught or organic/sustainably farmed, avoiding many of the issues with factory farms. So, yes they meet Kelly Jones RD approval. However, if you do choose one of their items with dairy, the dairy is the one ingredient they are not sourcing without GMO’s and hormones so, if that concerns you, just choose one of their many dairy free items. The creamy cashew fettuccine w/ peas and sundried tomatoes is to die for!

And they have dairy free desserts… the brownie OMG.

snap kitchen desserts

Below I share some of the fun pics from the night (plus the foodie swag I got to take home) but stay tuned for a blog post focused on my fave sports nutrition options at Snap. While all foods here can fit, certain options are better to fuel your workout or help you recover!

snap kitchen juice
We were greeted with bubbles and juice… I was told this is a “snap hack” 🙂

snap kitchen philadelphia

Lots of juice options – indulge in moderation and maybe pair with their hummus filled “devily eggs” for some protein. It’s not all about meals – plenty of snacks in a snap too! My fave? The kale chips of course. SO much crunchier than other brands out there. Sorry, Brad!

homemade kale chips
What we made the environment look like.
snap kitchen kale chips
What the fun really looked like!
snap kitchen food review
Food & Beverage Swag for dayyyys. The best kind of swag is food swag!

Thanks for having me Snap Kitchen! I have already been chatting up a storm to Philadelphians and will be back soon!


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